Monday, 19 August 2013

Introducing Myself and The Bagatelle(s)

My name is Meghan Blythe Adams and I'm a third-year PhD candidate at The University of Western Ontario. Although I'm pursuing my work in the English Department, my main area of interest is video game studies, particularly death in gaming. Other game-related interests of mine include difficulty, sexuality, and play more generally.

At the time of this writing, I have just started my primary research for my dissertation. The dissertation proposal is still so fresh, it continues to steam. What forlorn internet explorers will find when they come to this blog are short, (very) informal essays on topics related to game studies, the games industry, and what's taking over my computer at the moment (currently: My Little Pony wallpapers and Christine Love, who just released Hate Plus).

I've tweeted sporadically before, but the aim of this blog is develop and share field notes from what will ideally amount to a PhD in game studies. Previous efforts from my non-academic (and now mostly on hiatus) roller derby blog can give potential readers a sense of my tone, but I think I can assure readers that this blog will feature less swearing. The feminism and unironic enjoyment of puns will continue unabated.

On the more personal side of things, I live with an adolescent dog who politely tolerates my sedentary habit of staring at televisions and monitors most of the time and signals this toleration by not yet eating my power cords. I love games where I don't have to aim, because it makes me anxious, but I also think anxiety is one of the best parts of gaming. It's that kind of fragmented thinking you can expect from further posts here.

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